Monday, September 11, 2006

Just thinking... When I awoke this morning I turned on the television before I sat up and even before I went to the bathroom. It was like I had to make sure that everything was OK. I remembered that morning five years ago so well. Now, here it is five hours later and I still have a knot in my gut and wonder if that feeling will ever leave. We were safe in Spokane, Washington but our world became fractured just like the rest of world. Where were our family members? How I wished I could have them all right next to me in those moments and days that followed. We knew people who had friends and relatives working at the World Trade Towers or the Pentagon. How were they doing? How are they doing now? I was scheduled to fly to Dallas for a conference on September 12. Would I choose to fly? That was decided by the grounding of all flights. I remember those days that followed and the only planes that we saw were those taking off and landing at the local Air Force base. What a feeling of relief I felt the day that regular flights began and the local skies were active again with everyday people being able to go about their business albeit in a much more guarded mode. Do I feel safer now than then? No!! Perhaps I never will.