Friday, September 04, 2009

A Drop in Temperature & A Drop in HUMIDITY

The last few days have become tolerable. The nights are significantly cooler and air has lightened. You can safely bet that I was wishing for a mountain retreat for a couple of weeks. But it is nicer now and the activity in the neighborhood has also increased. Kids have been out of their bikes and rasors. Some of the area schools have started and the rest are set for Tuesday. Every year at this time I want to go back-to-school shopping. Geez, you would think a body would grow out of that.

It has been a very quiet summer. Not much out of the ordinary was done or accomplished from our end. I must have had the "ho-hums." Why else would I get so excited yesterday as I was checking out the in need of clipping shrubbery and saw this "lady." If I remember correctly, this is the first Praying Mantis I have ever seen outside of an exhibition. I wish I had had my SLR but I did have my smaller camera and got a few interesting shots. It amazes me how close in color she was to the shrub. This specimen was much more interesting that the cricket that hopped out of camera case a couple of weeks.

That's about all that is happening here except Summer will officially be eulogized and buried on the beach this weekend in Dewey Beach. The beach aficionados around here take summer very seriously.

Happy Labor Day.