Thursday, December 08, 2011

Fall Came, It is Almost Winter

In the few weeks since I last posted the fall has come and gone. I kept waiting for the perfect day to take pictures but it never came. Sure there were beautiful days but they did not coincide with the beautiful colors which were sometimes fleeting this year. The summer was so hot and then the torrential rains of early September did not do favors for the brilliant colors we have so often. One tree I use to gauge the progress of color simply dropped its leaves this year. There were many lovely sights but not the crisp ones I have grown to expect since moving here.

It is now the 8th of December. The leaves have fallen and I should be getting ready for Christmas. Before that, here are some photos taken in the last few weeks to show we did have autumn topped off by a Thanksgiving trip to Cape Cod.

Along Wagamons Pond.

Above Milton Memorial Park

Outside our front door

The geraniums are still blooming but are much bigger and prettier today

Dave is showing Jake how to pull carrots

Geoff and Jake on Cape Cod

Kicking the ball and enjoying the out of doors

Bentlely loves running at the Cape

Jake and Bentley (that's Bill's leg in upper right corner)

Just after sunrise looking out at Cape Cod

The worst part of the past few weeks has been a neverending cough and congestion. I am getting too old for this stuff. The best part is that I made it through another year. Yesterday was a significant birthday for me. More significant is that we travel to Arlington this weekend to celebrate Jake's "Happy Birthday."

I guess it is time to get ready for winter now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Family Weekend

Having guests from out of town is always a treat. This past weekend the guests were family. Some from California and our Virginia family. A tour of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery was in order.  Of course, it was, that is where Bill says he works.

While the adults were touring, my grandson and I made cookies. He dumped in flour, oatmeal and chocolate chips but mostly he just wanted to taste. To his delight I let him lick the beaters just like the last time we made cookies. As he enjoyed every bit of the stuff left on the beater he kept saying "I am trying." I am not quite sure what he meant but I assume he was trying to get all of the stuff he could.

Yesterday he came into our room early and he and I played a bit, quite a bit. You know how a two year old is, "Can we do it again?" were his precise words. The television was droning in the background with coverage of 9/11 events, the National Athem started and the little guy stopped his play and became very quiet. Then he said to me, "There is President Barak Obama. It is President Barak Obama." I asked he quietly, "Who is Barak Obama?" To which, this little guy who is about 33 months old said, "He is our President." A little in awe I was.

It was then time to head to Lewes for brunch (Jake put one of his new Baca Bill shirts) and then to spend some time at the Lewes beach area. From there the Virginia family headed home and the rest of us, Margaret, Eunice, Bill and I headed for Assateague Island.

Birds catching ride on island pony.

Turkey buzzard looking like he was Photoshopped.

Look closely to see minnow in the brackish marsh.

Margaret and Eunice coming from a walk.

Ponies in a camping parking lot.

Island beach bird.

Some of the surf at the island.

It was really a good weekend especially since the heavy rain of the week had ended and the sun came out long enough for us to enjoy some time outside.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Baca Bill Shirt

When our daughter and her family called this morning she told me that Jake was all set with jeans but need some khakis and he really likes Baca Bill shirts. That just made me warm all over because one the little guy knows what he likes and two he likes shirts like his Baca Bill wears. These shirts are generally cotton plaid button-down collar shirts, long sleeved or short.

In this picture we have Baca Bill and Jake in matching shirts on Baca Bill's 70th birthday in April of this year.  It was second time they had matching shirts for Bill's birthday.  The first was when Jake was four months old.

So, it was off to the outlets to do some shopping for Jake and to get a a great feeling of just being a grandmother.  That's Gaga for all who do not know.

Oh, and we did get some Baca Bill shirts.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Long Week in Delaware

Today is Saturday and here I am at the computer trying to pass some time. I would really like to be out and about right now but the weather is prohibiting that. We are in the midst of Hurricane Irene.  The full force of the storm has not hit but it has been storming all day and will continue through the night. There are also tornado warnings for the area. Those little devils are spawned by the big storm.

The week started with a storm on Sunday. That was OK since we needed the rain.  I woke Monday to a beautiful day. I had an appointment in Baltimore and was glad the sun was shining. It makes for a much more pleasant drive across the Chesapeake Bay. When I crossed the bridge the water did not match the clear beauty of the sky. The water was gray and choppy, remains from the storms of the weekend. Unlike some Mondays of travel west of here, this one was pretty good as the traffic was heavy by moved smoothly. This was basically a very nice day.

Then, there was Tuesday. I was sitting at the computer working on a project when I felt movement. I immediately thought it was an earthquake but poo-pooed that because we are in Delaware. The chair rolled a bit and the table behind me swayed and creaked. I looked out expecting to see the trees bending in the wind.  No such luck, not a whisper of a breeze. And, nothing had hit the house. I have felt numerous earthquakes in my life but this one created the most movement for me. This one left me nonplussed.

Wednesday was just an average but nice day. Thursday was laundry day. Bill came home from lunch so I could have the car and while he was finishing his lunch, I fell in the utility room. Cripe! I getting too old for this. I bruised my knee, my hand, my upper lip, forehead and eye. My glasses broke. We drove over to Georgetown to have the glasses repaired. Fortunately, because of the kind of glasses these are, the fix was easy. My face on the other hand is still showing the signs of the fall. The space between my lip and nose is dark enough from the bruise it looks like I smudged ink across it. I have a partial black eye that is also swollen. All this happened because I decided to do the laundry on Thursday instead of waiting for the weekend because of the impending hurricane.

Thursday night Bill got a call informing him that the brewery would be closed on Friday because of approaching hurricane. Earlier in the evening he had done some grocery shopping.  He was gone almost two hours for what normally would be a 30 minute trip. Anywhere there was a store (there are not many in Milton) it was packed. He was able to get almost everything we needed except extra batteries. He was also able to fill the car with gas after waiting in line for quite some time. There are only two places in Milton to get gas.

We both woke up very early yesterday and as the temperature stayed around 82 we busied ourselves getting more prepared for the storm. It felt like we were getting ready to be snowed in for a few days. Having never been through a hurricane before we were not quite sure what to do or what to expect.

Today started with the newspaper arriving with today's date but included all of the Sunday extras, Life section, funnies, magazine section, coupons and advertising. That was strange but I thought it was probably a very good idea. Since completing the paper and other morning tasks, we have managed to make sure we have plenty of flashlights, candles (looks like Christmas), and water in the bathtubs. It has been raining for hours now and the wind is blowing hard but not as hard as it is expected to do in a few hours. But, we are safe and comfortable.

There are nine more hours in this strange week. I will be glad for tomorrow to come -- a new day, a new week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Back (At Least I Think So)

It has been well over a year since I last posted. I have wondered about the triteness of the title and whether or nor there was a real purpose for this process. All-in-all I think I will give it a new try and consider some amendments to the title.

Why today? Well, the television show Extreme Home Makeover has come to our little corner of the world. That in itself is not what made me feel good it was the person (family) that was chosen. A couple of years ago I wrote about Dale Dunning.  You can see that post here. When I drive past sites where she serves her soups I think of her commitment and love for those less fortunate. She is an inspiration and angel among us. I think we all need to summon the angel within us especially in these difficult times. I, for one, am tiring rapidly of the anger and vitriol in what seems to be everything we say and do. Life is just too short and too precious for these rotten sentiments on all sides.

So, thank you Dale and Extreme Home Makeover for making me think a little more positively today.
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' selects Sussex wom...

Duh: That's Extreme Makeover, Home Edition