Sunday, November 26, 2006

Arriving in Delaware

We left Arlington on the 21st and drove over the Bay Bridge from Annapolis. Bill was so excited to see the Chesapeake Bay. After crossing the bridge (a long one it is) we felt closer and closer to where we should be. However, it seemed like we would never get to where we were supposed to be. I am still having trouble with the ocean being to my east and not to my west. Besides, the road markers change here as the direction changes. For example, we were on 5-E yesterday and all of a sudden it became 5-N and we had not made any turns. This is going to take some getting use to. Eventually we made it to the house. The mover had called on Sunday and said that he would deliver on Tuesday and then on Monday he called and said that another delivery would delay him until early Wednesday. Lucky for us we were equipped with pillows and linen and there was a bed for us to sleep on once we arrived.

The day we arrived the weather was beautiful. The next day just as the mover arrived we were hit by a torrential downpour which last all day long. Needless to say it was a rather wet and somewhat unorganized unload because of the weather. The van was eventually unloaded and Bill and I were faced with a sea of boxes. So, we went out to find some lunch and got lost for the third time. It is not hard to do but is a bit ridiculous. I guess we are not used to these country roads.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we unpacked a little before heading back to Arlington where we enjoyed the holiday with Geoff and Erica and several of their friends. It was a wonderful day.

We got a late start back on Friday. Bill, Erica and I are all still fighting the cold we brought back from Idaho. Thursday night was also a late one for all of us -- playing Trivial Pursuit until almost 1:00 am. Anyway, after a long search and and eventual capture, we rounded up George (the cat who flew back with Erica from Idaho) and headed back to Delaware. The trip was uneventful but twice as long as normal for the traffic back up on the bridge was 1:45 long.

George has settled right into to her new surroundings. She seems quite content to wander around and not be anywhere near a carrier or small room. We continue to unpack. Major progress was made today and we even made it to the beach. I will remember to take the camera with me the next time we go to the beach.

Today was a beautiful day -- in 70's. It is hard to believe that it is almost December and we should be thinking about our Christmas tree. We usually get it Thanksgiving weekend but because it is so warm we decided to wait a few more days.

Arriving in Delaware -- Pictures

View of the bay from the Bay Bridge
More of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (Delaware side)

Delaware countryside

A Delaware irrigation sprinkler

Home at last

House at sunset

Sunset in Delware -- with a longing eye to the west

Monday, November 20, 2006

Six States, One Day

We arrived in Arlington last night around 7:00. Twas a good thing because we were both fried. Going across country should either be done at a much more rapid pace or at a significantly more leisurely pace. The country is beautiful, stark and has so many things to see. But, time prevents seeing much even when going as slowly as we have gone.

Yesterday we were in six states (equivalent to one Kansas or Wyoming). Granted, the start in Indiana was at its eastern border. We entered Ohio almost immediately after leaving Richmond. For being such an industrial state, Ohio has some very beautiful open spaces and farms. Many of the farms are Amish. The road took from Ohio into Wheeling, West Virginia where we had lunch. Again, this is a beautiful area but it is evident that life can be hard or has been hard in these areas. Not soon thereafter, we entered Pennsylvania. We listened to the Steelers-Brown game all the way through the state. We once again entered West Virginia at the top of the Cumberland Gap and followed it through Maryland. By the time we time we reached Virginia it was dark and we were ready to get out of the car.

On this road trip from coast to coast we have seen a whole lot of country. It is hard to say what is the most beautiful area -- the Cascades in their magnificence, the high mountain desert, the Rockies from the rear view mirror, the plains, the rolling hills of Ohio and Pennsylvania, or the Cumberland Gap. All are splendid. The first on our agenda to revisit will be the Cumberland Gap which not only is beautiful but bears some the greatest history and lore of the nation.

Today it was rest. We were both in much need. Tomorrow we go to Milton and start the next leg of this new adventure of ours.

Indiana to Virginia -- Pictures

Ohio farm

More Ohio farmland

Ohio rest stop

"Hello" and "Good Bye, Columbus" through the rain

Heading toward West Virginia

More Ohio countryside

We could actually pass a whole truckload of Corvettes

Almost didn't catch this sign

Self explanatory

Heading to Cumberland, Maryland

The Cumberland Gap in late afternoon

The Cumberland Gap and clouds

We will come back here to visit

Columbia, Missourit to Richmond, Indiana

Saturday dawned overcast and stayed that way all day. That was probably best since we had a long way to travel. We drove through the second half of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. That was encouraging since the previous days of travel had us just barely getting across one state -- same miles covered just smaller states. Of course, the closer we get to our destination the more dense the population becomes and the crazier the traffic becomes.

Bill has become quite a fan of differences in rest stops from state to state. As I was looking through the pictures we have taken I noticed that there are more and more of rest stops. Granted, some are in lovely settings. In Missouri we were amazed at one rest stop that not only had the separate restrooms labeled as "Storm Shelters," but also the hand washing area was quite high tech. You put your hands into the area where the facet was and soap squirted out, followed by enough time to suds up, then water came to rinse, and finally, hot air came on to dry. I must say that this was without question the cleanest rest stop we have visited along the way as well as being the most unique.

On this day we basically hurried on our way because we needed to reach Richmond, Indiana where we would stay with Jim and Sue Kraft. They have a lovely home filled with all the quilts Sue makes with her special love. A lot of Jim's art, ceramics and paintings, also fill the home. It was so good to see them and we appreciated their hospitality so much.

Missouri through Indiana -- Photos

Rest Stop between Columbia and St. Louis, Missouri

Going to St. Louis

Gateway Arch in St. Louis

Crossing the Mississippi

Missouri countryside

Interesting place name in Missouri

Huge cross alongside highway in Effingham, Illinois

Farm in Illinois

Speeding past Indianapolis

Friday, November 17, 2006

Kansas to Missouri

We are not in Kansas anymore!!! What a big state! Now we are in Missouri and there are even some hills -- Ozark Mountains are around here somewhere. We did not get as far as we had planned because we decided to stop at the Truman Presidential Library. We were glad that we did. He was truly an interesting man and leader. If you are ever here you need to make that visit.

Tomorrow we will go through St. Louis and as far as Richmond, Indiana. We are getting closer. We are now less than a 1,000 miles from our destination.

Kansas - Missouri Pictures

We are almost not in Kansas anymore!
Kansas City from the freeway
Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in KC
On our drive through KC
Independence historic district
Courthouse in Indepence
These banners adorn Indepence
Flag was made by hand by prisoner in Nazi camp and given to President Truman after the liberation
Harry of Indepence and of the World
Bill checking things out
One of several quotes on windows
Grave site -- Harry on the right & Bess on the left
Missouri sunset

Through Colorado and Kansas

The first thing Bill did yesterday morning was to wash the car. Then we set off for the plains. Before getting to the plains we still were high in the mountains for a long time. However, we were riding the high plains and could only see the peaks through our rear view mirrors. The mountains are what I miss already. But, on to the plains. Kansas is one big state with highways that run so very straight. Bill drove most of the way because I have developed a bad cold. So, I would doze off and when I would awake I would ask haven't we already been here?

We passed by Russell, Kansas that boasted that it is the home of US Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Dole. And, then we drove by Abilene, Kansas which is the home of Dwight Eisenhower (library and stuff are there). Kansas is very proud of its favorite sons and daughters and there were many signs along the way announcing "Home of ..."

We spent last night with my nephew Max and his family at Fort Riley, Kansas. I have not seen Max, Sue or the boys for about four years. It was good to see them.

Pictures Through Colorado and Kansas

Leaving Colorado Springs
Feeding the CRV
Still in Colorado
Still over a mile high
Best place name so far
Speaks for itself
Do you think we will see Dorothy?
Kansas #1
Kansas #2
Kansas #3
Behold! A curve in the road
Forever straight
The CRV stuff to the gills
Still straight at sunset
Oil rigs at sunset Still straight after dark