Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On The Road

After a few days spent for my mother's services and to be with family, we are on the road again. We got as far as Rawlins, Wyoming yesterday. Plans were to go as far as Laramie but about 20 miles west of Rawlins an almost instaneous blanketing of ice put traffic to a dangerous and crowded crawl. The roads had been clear all day to that point. Today we are posting lots of pictures to catch everyone up with where we have been. We have traveled over 1,200 miles with 2,000 more to go. This first picture is as we are leaving Yakima, Washington. So, here are the pictures with little commentary because we must get back on the road.

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Unknown said...

Great pictures.....every mile brings you closer to all of us on the East Coast awaiting your arrival. Just take your time and drive carefully. We spent a night in Rawlins when we were moving East. We had great corn bread in a restaurant at the Best Western.
Hope all went well with the memorial. We've been thinking of you. Rachel and I were talking about taking care of your Mom at the Mall in DC during Erica's wedding weekend. What a fun lady.