Friday, November 17, 2006

Through Colorado and Kansas

The first thing Bill did yesterday morning was to wash the car. Then we set off for the plains. Before getting to the plains we still were high in the mountains for a long time. However, we were riding the high plains and could only see the peaks through our rear view mirrors. The mountains are what I miss already. But, on to the plains. Kansas is one big state with highways that run so very straight. Bill drove most of the way because I have developed a bad cold. So, I would doze off and when I would awake I would ask haven't we already been here?

We passed by Russell, Kansas that boasted that it is the home of US Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Dole. And, then we drove by Abilene, Kansas which is the home of Dwight Eisenhower (library and stuff are there). Kansas is very proud of its favorite sons and daughters and there were many signs along the way announcing "Home of ..."

We spent last night with my nephew Max and his family at Fort Riley, Kansas. I have not seen Max, Sue or the boys for about four years. It was good to see them.

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