Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Something Going On in Annapolis

There is a multi-nation meeting (summit) going on today in Annapolis. Middle East peace is again the subject. One can only hope that even a modicum of progress can be achieved. Why, you might ask, am I writing about this event? It is because of an observation the skies here in southern Delaware. Where ever we have lived it was possible to see air traffic -- a mixture of private, commercial and military. In the 12 months we have been here I have not seen a commercial airliner overhead here in Milton. Here we see an occasional crop duster or infrequently a giant military transport and sometimes a helicopter directly overhead. Mostly, if we look to the eastern sky we can see the contrails of military airplanes making their way up and down the eastern seaboard or out over the Atlantic to foreign landings. The day the "Surge" started in Iraq there seemed to be dozens of planes flying out and back in that eastern sky leaving line after line of parallel contrails. We are very close to that security no fly zone they speak so often of.

Today, it was different. There were many contrails overhead and evidence of planes heading in a westerly direction. My guess, securing the airspace over and around Annapolis. Annapolis is only 80 roads miles away so it only makes sense that we can see evidence of the security just by looking up here. This photo was taken from the steps outside our sun room and directly overhead.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Like we have for so many years,today we went to select our Christmas tree. This year we purchased a farm tree at the Milton Historical Society auction in September. We found the farm and wandered around looking for just the right tree. We should have gone last week but we did not know that people tag their trees as early as the weekend before Thanksgiving. After much consternation we found one that should work perfectly. We tagged it and will pick it up the weekend of December 8. That is, if we can squeeze in the time what with the Milton Holly Festival and a demonstration on holly wreath making happening on the same day.

It promises to be a busy few weeks around here. I have never lived where there is so much town activity the first week of December. We have tickets for the chicken 'n dumpling dinner host by the Goshen United Methodist Church. Then there is the John Milton Poetry Festival, the parade and holly festival. Oh, and my birthday falls that week. It actually should be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Morning Calls

This morning I opened one eye slowly and then started to bury my head further in the pillows but there was a noise outside that just kept going on and on. It is not unusual to hear this but this morning it was much more intense and lasted much longer than normal For you see, there were literally hundreds if not thousands of ducks in a clearing by the pond this morning. Since they were flying in a direction away from our house I could not see their shadows across the lawn and they did not seem to darken my sky but they certainly let us know they were here.

By the time I got the camera and hobbled to an open door then were almost all gone. I was able to capture a few shots I would like to to share with you.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Woof to Geoff

Geoff is still away on his extended business trip. Erica and Frankie just wanted to give him a big woof out. They are anxious for his return next week.

Autumn Color Continued

The primary purpose of our trip to Lancaster County last weekend was to view the leaves one more time. Many have fallen but many were still very vivid in golds and reds. It was, as I mentioned in the last post, a very gray day so the contrasts are not as evident in the photos. Even so, it was a pretty drive.

Bentley, loves to go places with us. His favorite spot is in the back on the load cover. It is just the right size for him to relax and enjoy the view.

This photo was taken a few miles from where we live. I have mentioned previously about the agriculture of this part of Delaware. The fields are rarely at rest as can be seen in this picture. On clear, bright days the contrast is amazing -- green of new crop against the blazing colors of autumn.

I love the drive through the Lancaster County countryside.

Passing a horse drawn cart. The dog just about went bonkers.

We love to stop at a farm to get homemade root beer. It is amazing. To get there you have to take a narrow road to the farm house and then drive to the stand where the root beer is then picked up. The drive circles around between the house and the barn and then back to the highway. This picture was taken when we picked up our root beer.

Saturday must be wash day in Lancaster County. It seems that the clothes are hung on the line regardless of the weather.

Just to prove we did see some beautiful color.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rest Stop

When traveling through the country on major roadways, roadside rest stops are usually found every 35 to 60 miles along the way. When we drove across country last year we were taken by the differences in these facilities in the different states. There were ones of note as in noteworthy and ones of note as in not(e) so good. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these very needed places is right here in Delaware. First of all, Delaware is just long enough for one rest stop on Highway 1/13 (the main north/south route). There is one service area on I-95 as it passes through the northern most part of Delaware but it is not nearly as noteworthy as the one in Smyrna, Delaware.

For starters, the Chauncey O. Simpson Memorial Rest Stop is not just off the road. You have to take an exit and drive a mile or so before you get there and if you are not careful you end up in the town of Smyrna. Once there you are taken by the size of the facility and the meticulous grounds. What a surprise right in the center of Delaware! It is almost perfectly placed as far as distance is concerned for trips north. On returns to home sometimes the placement is not quite right (it is closer to Wilmington than to Milton).

Saturday we ventured out for another try at autumn color. We decided to drive to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The day was overcast so the brilliance of the color was not as great as if the day had been clearer but it was beautiful nonetheless. Here are some photos of the wonderful rest stop that show some good shots the foliage.

When Erica was a little girl she called a rest stop a "potty house." I say viva la potty house.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Taking Frankie Home

Wednesday, I took Frankie back home. Erica was home from her trip and they missed each other. On the way over I marveled at the colors as I passed field after field lined with beautiful trees all changing colors. The above photo is of an area here in Delaware just before crossing into Maryland. Coming back yesterday I was able to see the trees in the morning light. They were even more beautiful.

Before I left yesterday Frankie was on the bed for his early morning rest. The first photo is of him just pondering (Erica had gone to work). The second is one I caught when I came back to bedroom to get dressed. There he was all snuggled down and hiding in the covers.

Hope you like the pictures Geoff.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Frankie Is Visiting

Since Erica and Geoff are both on business trips this week, Frankie came to stay with us for a few days. That's okay except he and Bentley both just sit in the living room waiting for Erica. The hardest part is trying to get they each outside at appropriate times. Both have selective hearing -- Frankie, the older and somewhat stubborn; and Bentley, the younger and still preferring to ignore some commands. Right now Frankie is woofing at the holiday flag waving outside the living room window. When he is finished I am sure Bentley will start.

They have been pretty good especially when the giant container of Tide liquid sailed off the the dryer and went crashing to floor leaving blue oozing liquid all over the utility room and hall. Each went running to their appropriate spot and did not move for a couple of hours.

Here are a couple of pictures for Geoff and Erica to enjoy while they are away.

Frankie in the living room.

Bentley pouting in his corner.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Good Morning

Here on the pulse of this new day
You may have the grace to look up and out
And into your sister's eyes, into
Your brother's face, your country
And say simply
Very simply
With hope
Good morning
by Maya Angelou

Just a few minutes ago I decided to take a break and check the Weather Channel. While cruising with the remote I paused on the Martha Stewart Show. Her guest was Dr. Maya Angelou who read the above passage from "On the Pulse of Morning." I thought it would fit the above photo taken Wednesday morning. I was also reminded of a day several years ago when I was so fortunate to attend a luncheon where Dr. Angelou was the speaker. I loved her work before then and ever since I have been in awe of her. Never before or since have I seen so many people so captivated for so many minutes. Imagine if you can a large convention area, concrete floors and all; hard seats; tables needing to be cleared; 2,000+ women; and not a sound except those coming from the lips of the speaker. I came from there believing that when Maya Angelou says, "Good Morning" she means it from the heart.

So, Good Morning.