Friday, November 16, 2007

Autumn Color Continued

The primary purpose of our trip to Lancaster County last weekend was to view the leaves one more time. Many have fallen but many were still very vivid in golds and reds. It was, as I mentioned in the last post, a very gray day so the contrasts are not as evident in the photos. Even so, it was a pretty drive.

Bentley, loves to go places with us. His favorite spot is in the back on the load cover. It is just the right size for him to relax and enjoy the view.

This photo was taken a few miles from where we live. I have mentioned previously about the agriculture of this part of Delaware. The fields are rarely at rest as can be seen in this picture. On clear, bright days the contrast is amazing -- green of new crop against the blazing colors of autumn.

I love the drive through the Lancaster County countryside.

Passing a horse drawn cart. The dog just about went bonkers.

We love to stop at a farm to get homemade root beer. It is amazing. To get there you have to take a narrow road to the farm house and then drive to the stand where the root beer is then picked up. The drive circles around between the house and the barn and then back to the highway. This picture was taken when we picked up our root beer.

Saturday must be wash day in Lancaster County. It seems that the clothes are hung on the line regardless of the weather.

Just to prove we did see some beautiful color.

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