Monday, November 12, 2007

Rest Stop

When traveling through the country on major roadways, roadside rest stops are usually found every 35 to 60 miles along the way. When we drove across country last year we were taken by the differences in these facilities in the different states. There were ones of note as in noteworthy and ones of note as in not(e) so good. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these very needed places is right here in Delaware. First of all, Delaware is just long enough for one rest stop on Highway 1/13 (the main north/south route). There is one service area on I-95 as it passes through the northern most part of Delaware but it is not nearly as noteworthy as the one in Smyrna, Delaware.

For starters, the Chauncey O. Simpson Memorial Rest Stop is not just off the road. You have to take an exit and drive a mile or so before you get there and if you are not careful you end up in the town of Smyrna. Once there you are taken by the size of the facility and the meticulous grounds. What a surprise right in the center of Delaware! It is almost perfectly placed as far as distance is concerned for trips north. On returns to home sometimes the placement is not quite right (it is closer to Wilmington than to Milton).

Saturday we ventured out for another try at autumn color. We decided to drive to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The day was overcast so the brilliance of the color was not as great as if the day had been clearer but it was beautiful nonetheless. Here are some photos of the wonderful rest stop that show some good shots the foliage.

When Erica was a little girl she called a rest stop a "potty house." I say viva la potty house.

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