Monday, April 20, 2009

“Where’s the Beef?”

Thursday was Bill's birthday. He gets the day off and has to take that day or he loses it. We decided to take a drive up to Lancaster County, PA since it has been some time since we last were there. It was a beautiful day. And we are glad we made the trip which has become one of our favorites.

We have yet to make a visit to this country and not see laundry drying on a clothes line. Thursday must be the day for light colors and whites. Other trips we have made on Saturdays the clothes on the line are always dark. We can say that the two photos below can be called "Going Green."

Wash Day

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

When we got to the specific spots we were wanted to visit it was past lunch time. We did not find restaurants immediately with good access from where were situated on the busy roads. We made a couple of stops on our trek to find a descent lunch. We stopped at the farm where we get homemade root beer and then the site of the farmers' market we always visit. We got root beer but the farmers' market is closed on Thursdays. That was where we could get an excellent sandwich. Well, we finally stopped at very big restaurant. It was well after 2:00 p.m. by then. I was trying to find just the right combination that was satisfying and healthy. Bill went for sausage and from the huge list of vegetables he took mashed potatoes and white corn. I finally decided that it has been a long time since I have had a good burger that that is what I would order, healthy just got tossed out the window – it was to come with onions, homemade relish, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce, all on a Kaiser roll (some healthy).

Our order came and Bill dug right into his selection. I put some ketchup on the side with the tomatoes and onions after which I closed the sandwich. I thought it a little odd that when I closed the burger the roll's bottom was on top. The vegetables were hanging well out of the burger. I started to eat it by cutting into it and eating with my fork. I have done this for a few years. I did not cut in half like I usually do. I took a couple more bites and decided I should adjust the innards as I thought the burger had slipped to the back. As I did this I realized that there was no beef. I was momentarily taken aback thinking that the healthy food gods were laughing at me. I had not eaten any beef and I swear I looked under the tomatoes and under the lettuce. Where's the beef? Not in that burger for sure. After everyone had a good laugh, a new burger was delivered.

It was a good day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It is a Really Gray Day in Delaware

It has rained all day. Not a light rain but a get down and do it rain. Entirely appropriate for April 15. That might be, but I could use some sunshine. To make the day worse my printer is broken and I am hoping it can be fixed. It has been a great printer and I do not want to fork over bucks to replace it.

Tomorrow is Bill's birthday. He gets the day off so we are going to drive to Lancaster County for a day trip. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow. Let's hope so.

It is so wet out I have no desire to take my camera out of the bag. Besides, the Delaware countryside is almost invisible in this weather. What's the best thing (always the best) to post when no new photos of Delaware are available? It has to be a new picture of our grandson taken by his mother on Easter Sunday. It was taken while he was in his carseat. Those eyes make me forget about the clouds.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Some Final Views of 2009 Cherry Blossom Visit

The 2009 edition of the National Cherry Blossoms was one where the blossoms reached their magnificent peaks last weekend. That was about four days after our visit. The weather remained chilly through most of the week. That slowed the fullest of the display of blooms until Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It would have been wonderful to be there then but there are no regrets from us. We still enjoyed a wondrous display.

Each time we visit the area we see from afar and sometimes close-up the Washington and Jefferson Memorials. How close we get to them and others depends on what activity we are planning. The first year we visited the cherry blossoms we opted to walk past the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. Last Year and this year it was a highlight. Included in the following images are some of the monuments. I never seem to tire of seeing them.

Last year while going through my Cherry Blossom photos I lost the external hard drive where I had stored the photos. Fortunately I was able to find someone who was able to recover most of the files and replace the hard drive for me. This year I have been much more cautious and therefore slower in getting these posted.

So, here is a final look at our version of the National Cherry Blossoms 2009. (click on photos for larger view)

One of several views of the Washington Memorial.

The headquarters (Castle) of Smithsonian

Jefferson Memorial – Look closely and you can get a glimpse of him looking out.

Along the way we encountered this. Even I had to duck.

Blossoms look as if they were placed on a mirror.

A canopy of blossoms

The rear entrance to the FDR Memorial

There was some blue sky

A dark cloud came over the Basin

The water looks so very cold.

The sun came back.

FDR words on civil rights relevant today.

Words of FDR still significant.

The Lincoln Monument from the front entrance of FDR Memorial.

Friday, April 03, 2009

National Cherry Blossoms, 2009 Edition

Here I am back with some views of our visit to this year's cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. You can see with the photos that we were probably two to three days early of capturing the "peak." However, many of the younger trees were in full bloom and those points around the Tidal Basin with the most sunlight also displayed full blossoms. One could visit the site each day during the blossoming of these trees and be treated to a new sight with every visit.

Our views for this trip were almost the exact opposite of those from the previous two years. This year we did not get any of the "above the walk" views we did previously, all because we started at the entrance of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial instead of the Jefferson Memorial. Also, because of the overcast and cold there few reflections on the water and not a duck in sight.

Here is today's edition of our last visit.

First glimpse of trees

For no particular reason many of my compositions include a trash can

Through the blossoms to the other side of the Basin

Close up of blossoms

Just blossoms

Across the Basin

Blossoms looking upward

Cork Tree estimated to be 80 years old

Gnarled roots


Close up of blossoms

Pink blossoms, the clouds allowed us to see the different shades of pink and white more clearly.

Hanging branch

Foreboding sky

Marine helicopter bearing inscription "United States of America" but it did not have President's seal. Barack was probably waiting – I can speculate can't I?

Looking back under branches

Gnarled tree.