Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Some Final Views of 2009 Cherry Blossom Visit

The 2009 edition of the National Cherry Blossoms was one where the blossoms reached their magnificent peaks last weekend. That was about four days after our visit. The weather remained chilly through most of the week. That slowed the fullest of the display of blooms until Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It would have been wonderful to be there then but there are no regrets from us. We still enjoyed a wondrous display.

Each time we visit the area we see from afar and sometimes close-up the Washington and Jefferson Memorials. How close we get to them and others depends on what activity we are planning. The first year we visited the cherry blossoms we opted to walk past the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. Last Year and this year it was a highlight. Included in the following images are some of the monuments. I never seem to tire of seeing them.

Last year while going through my Cherry Blossom photos I lost the external hard drive where I had stored the photos. Fortunately I was able to find someone who was able to recover most of the files and replace the hard drive for me. This year I have been much more cautious and therefore slower in getting these posted.

So, here is a final look at our version of the National Cherry Blossoms 2009. (click on photos for larger view)

One of several views of the Washington Memorial.

The headquarters (Castle) of Smithsonian

Jefferson Memorial – Look closely and you can get a glimpse of him looking out.

Along the way we encountered this. Even I had to duck.

Blossoms look as if they were placed on a mirror.

A canopy of blossoms

The rear entrance to the FDR Memorial

There was some blue sky

A dark cloud came over the Basin

The water looks so very cold.

The sun came back.

FDR words on civil rights relevant today.

Words of FDR still significant.

The Lincoln Monument from the front entrance of FDR Memorial.

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Alexandra said...

You always have such nice pictures of the cherry blossoms. I can't wait to go when Kiki is a bit older to handle the crowds. Thanks for sharing!