Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wyoming to Colorado

We are now in Colorado Springs getting ready to head for Kansas. I know that it is a little out of the way but not much. Anyway, yesterday's journey was somewhat uneventful if you do not count some ice and really strong winds.

We left Rawlins shortly after 11:00 am so we were off to a late start but we really needed the rest. The roads outside of Rawlins were a lot better than the previous night but there were still patches of ice and slush. It was amazing -- hardly any snow but ice and slush everywhere. The wind must have sent the snow to another front. By the time we reached Colorado where it was in the high 40's our car was filthy. It has to be washed this morning before we go.

All the way across Wyoming Bill kept commenting on how hard it had to be for the pioneers to have crossed that bitter land. In Wyoming we saw more trucks and pronged horn antelope than people and cars. That all changed almost as soon as we entered Colorado. Traffic was thick all the way from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. When we went through Denver our thoughts were that Seattle is not a whole lot worse.

Well, I must go. Manhattan, Kansas beckons.

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