Monday, November 20, 2006

Six States, One Day

We arrived in Arlington last night around 7:00. Twas a good thing because we were both fried. Going across country should either be done at a much more rapid pace or at a significantly more leisurely pace. The country is beautiful, stark and has so many things to see. But, time prevents seeing much even when going as slowly as we have gone.

Yesterday we were in six states (equivalent to one Kansas or Wyoming). Granted, the start in Indiana was at its eastern border. We entered Ohio almost immediately after leaving Richmond. For being such an industrial state, Ohio has some very beautiful open spaces and farms. Many of the farms are Amish. The road took from Ohio into Wheeling, West Virginia where we had lunch. Again, this is a beautiful area but it is evident that life can be hard or has been hard in these areas. Not soon thereafter, we entered Pennsylvania. We listened to the Steelers-Brown game all the way through the state. We once again entered West Virginia at the top of the Cumberland Gap and followed it through Maryland. By the time we time we reached Virginia it was dark and we were ready to get out of the car.

On this road trip from coast to coast we have seen a whole lot of country. It is hard to say what is the most beautiful area -- the Cascades in their magnificence, the high mountain desert, the Rockies from the rear view mirror, the plains, the rolling hills of Ohio and Pennsylvania, or the Cumberland Gap. All are splendid. The first on our agenda to revisit will be the Cumberland Gap which not only is beautiful but bears some the greatest history and lore of the nation.

Today it was rest. We were both in much need. Tomorrow we go to Milton and start the next leg of this new adventure of ours.


Terry Grant said...

I'm so glad you are there! I've enjoyed the view out the car window as you crossed the country. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Geoff and Erica!

John said...

Hope everyone had a good turkey day...I'm glad you guys made it safely to Virginia!