Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here are the pictures:

I have done some things to resize these to fit the blog so the pixeling is a bit strange. I was also having trouble adding photos with any comments so here are some brief descriptions. I will try to do better tomorrow.

Leaving Yakima, Washington

Small body of water outside of Yakima.

Clouds between Yakima and Tri-Cities, Washington.

Crossing the Columbia River

Climbing Cabbage Hill between Pendleton and LaGrande, Oregon

At Immigrant Pass a the top of Cabbage Hill

Sunset on the Blues (Oregon)

Leaving Boise, Idaho

Just outside of Boise

Snake River between Boise & Twin Falls, Idaho

Rest stop on way to Malad, Idaho.

Leaving Idaho

Raging water at stop in Morgan, Utah

Red rocks just after entering Wyoming

Snow fence

Standing Rocks in Wyoming

Climbing to the Continental Divide

The UP crossing the mountains

Sunset through the rearview mirror

Sunset in Wyoming

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