Friday, November 03, 2006

"Moggie Loggin"

This picture of my mom was taken, I guess, around 1930. I found it today as I was packing and going through old stuff. It just sorta fell out of some old stuff of mine from high school.

I love this picture. Her eyes did not change much through the years. It is called "Moggie Loggin" because my aunt who was the youngest in family insisted that she could not say, "Margaret Ellen" she had to say "Moggie Loggin."

Whatever, "Moggie Loggin" is the girl in the hat.

My Mom is getting ready to join my Dad. Her health and well being have deteriorated greatly in the last few weeks. I miss that twinkle in her eyes that was evident in this early photo. I miss her playing us all for the fools that we are. While around her, the absent child or grandchild was always the favored one much the chagrin of those visiting her at the time. But, the amazing thing about her has always been that as soon as you are gone, you become the favored one. So, in my mother's twinkling eyes we (children and grandchildren) were all her favorites. However, I must say that she has always had a very special place in her heart for the boys especially my brother. I remember her telling me when I had been away for a few years that she had missed each of us girls very much but when my brother left she thought she would go crazy because he had filled so much of every day while he was home. He was noisy, he was mischievous, he was off the walls, he was a tease, he required every minute of her attention. Oh, how she loved that boy!

And, oh how she loved her girls! She was so proud of each of us and of our families. Instead of saying it, she would often say, "Grandpa would be so proud."

Well "Moggie Loggin," I must go through some more things. Perhaps, there will be another image of you. I wish you were making this upcoming trip with us.

I love you Mom.


Terry Grant said...

That is just the sweetest picture! You should frame it and hang it in your new house--priceless.

John said...

Sorry I haven't been reading too much these past few weeks - so much is going on with you! First of all congratulations Mr. Preston on your retirement. May you enjoy your retirement as much as you enjoyed your wonderful career - and more!

I love this picture of your mom (I'm such a sucker for family pictures!). I agree with terry: you should frame it and put it up in your new house (how exciting!). Your mom is in our thoughts and prayers as are all of you.