Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Baca Bill Shirt

When our daughter and her family called this morning she told me that Jake was all set with jeans but need some khakis and he really likes Baca Bill shirts. That just made me warm all over because one the little guy knows what he likes and two he likes shirts like his Baca Bill wears. These shirts are generally cotton plaid button-down collar shirts, long sleeved or short.

In this picture we have Baca Bill and Jake in matching shirts on Baca Bill's 70th birthday in April of this year.  It was second time they had matching shirts for Bill's birthday.  The first was when Jake was four months old.

So, it was off to the outlets to do some shopping for Jake and to get a a great feeling of just being a grandmother.  That's Gaga for all who do not know.

Oh, and we did get some Baca Bill shirts.

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Terry Grant said...

Love the matching shirts! I'll bet Bill is surprised to be such a style icon.