Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Angel, Perhaps

A couple of weeks ago when I wrote of my friend Shelia's visit I mentioned our brief stop at a soup kitchen. This short stop was one of those times in one's life that makes an impact that is sometimes beyond articulation.

The woman to the right in this photo is Dale Dunning. She was recently featured in People Magazine, was Delaware's 2008 Jefferson Award winner and is a symbol of what can be good in all of us. The meeting came about because the Milton Lions Club was making a contribution to her ministry in honor of the MLK Day of Service. The woman on the left is Milton Lion Judith Priest. Ms. Dunning has made her mobile soup kitchen her ministry. She believes that you must fill the stomach before you can fill the soul. She uses an RV named Beulah to deliver her bounty. There are a couple of places where she uses a permanent facility such as the one where we visited. Her specialty is chicken rice soup. If the wonderful aroma is any clue, the soup is fabulous. Anyone is welcome to partake. If I remember correctly, she (along with volunteers who have enlisted including this day her husband and grandson) serves from 20-50 each weekday. She is at a different spot each weekday. She has two permanent spots she visits the same day of each week. The others will sometimes vary. Where ever she is, she is welcome.

The JUUST SOOUP Ministry does not solicit nor accept government assistance. Ms. Dunning wishes the ministry to be as free of government restriction and intervention as possible.

This woman is one of those who makes you feel goodness is all about. In these very difficult times it is so refreshing to meet someone who is kind, generous and gracious. She lets me feel that "there angels among us."

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