Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Curiosity

Yesterday I was putting some things away and required a stapler. Of course, the stapler was empty. I reached into the desk drawer and pulled out the trusty of blue box of staples. I filled the stapler and as I was putting the box of staples back into its drawer, I thought. "We have had this box of staples for a long time." For some reason I looked at the price tag still on the box and was more than a little surprised to see the tag printing, "University Bookstore, $ .95 each."

The curiosity here is that the box of staples has been serving us for a long while. How long is the question? My guess is that it is between 25 and 45 years. I think I shall take on a little exploration to see if I can determine if nothing else the university bookstore where they were purchased.


Alexandra said...

Kind of neat, isn't it? I love finding things with original prices on them that we got when I was a kid.

Terry Grant said...

I have some print block carving tools that I bought in college. I saw the same ones for sale recently, except the new ones have plastic handles and mine are wood. The new ones are $15.95 for the set, which seemed like a very reasonable price to me for nice tools. I came home and noticed that the price tag was still on the box mine came in and are stored in. $1.50. I will look and see if the little price tag on mine says "university bookstore" too.