Thursday, July 30, 2009


For sure summer got here two plus weeks ago. Fortunately for us we have not had the high temperatures that our family and friends living in the western United States are enduring. Portland and Seattle are lot convection ovens, for lack of a better description. The big difference between there and here right now is that air conditioning is rather random there given the very mild climate while it is in almost every facility here given the summer heat and humidity. There the air is usually chilled by cool marine breezes. Here the waters get nearly as warm as the air. I am wishing all of you in the radical heat some cool in the coming days.

Monday evening we had a meeting downtown. When we arrived at the library there were two young boys riding together on a bike. Of course, they did not have helmets they were just enjoying zipping around like we used to do on late summer days. As we were getting close to crossing the street one of the boys looked back at me and said, "Nice shoes." I guess that goes to show I might not be as old as I thought (don't I wish). Another highlight of the evening was coming home and having fireflies flitting around in the yard. Fireflies are new to me, we did not have them in the west.

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