Monday, June 12, 2006

It Is Time to Post
In the last few months I have become intrigued with blogs posted by some folks I know. I sometimes feel like I am peeking in on them but mostly I appreciate seeing how they are doing and being able to share in their thoughts in some way. At the same time I have been pondering how I should or whether I should compose thoughts on what is happening in my life. Since I have never been one to "journal" and I do enjoy using the computer, I have decided that it is time for me to "journal" some and I am going to use this platform to test it. Who knows? Maybe, I will really like it. The title is simply an indication of where I am in time. Yes, I am a boomer. And I am one of those who turns 60 this year. The year so far has been one of major change and there is more change to come. So while I try to hold onto the past and present, time just keeps on passing.
So, here I am 59 and Holding.

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NAOBunni aka Auntie Jo said...

Nothing wrong with being 59 =) blogging is the greatest - keeping up with people is awesome and whatever works

=) have a great day!