Monday, August 07, 2006

Beautiful August Day--
Yesterday was a particularly beautiful day here. I drive over to Point Defiance at least once every week to take in the scenery but I have only been to the zoo once several years ago when we went to Zoo Lights in December. On that visit we only saw a goat but the lights were incredible. So, yesterday we decided to go and just visit the animals. Point Defiance Zoo is an award winning zoo and is not big. It is located on an incredibly beautiful spot of this earth. We saw tigers, penquins, beluga whales, walruses, musk ox, puffins, monkeys and Puget Sound sealife. We also saw a six year old beaver on a leash enjoying a walk around the zoo. He even went up and down stairs.
Here are some pictures to share our experience.

There were bright flowers everywhere.

Sumatran Tigers
This tiger is beautiful. This is a young male who is a recent addition to the zoo. Since the day was quite warm we caught him cooling himself in this corner. I couldn't believe how close I was. I apologize for the reflection.
We also looked for a long time for the female tiger who was out in the habitat. Finally, we we able to see her laying above a little creek bed and in the bushes. It is truly amazing how well she blended into her surroundings.

These flowers are in their last days of the season.

Pictures of life in the Puget Sound --
These creatures are from different parts of the Sound which is unique in its salt water and fresh water composition.

This walrus was very hard to capture with the camera. He was very fast and more interested in playing than posing.

As we were leaving the zoo we were reminded of just how special this place is.

Mount Rainier, the Sound and Zoo Entrance as seen from the parking lot.

All in all, a beautiful day!!

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