Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Spokane Snow

On several occasions while I have been writing this blog I mentioned snow in the Pacific Northwest. I cited the beauty of it, the frustration of it, the normality of it, almost always with a longing to be back in it. That has changed this year!! First, let me say, at my best I have never been sure-of-foot in the snow. Yes, I know there are many snickering and saying, "That's an UNDERSTATEMENT if there ever was one!" But, I always managed to somehow get around through the annual deluge. The snowfall in Spokane this season has convinced that too much is too much!! A fork lift on trax is probably only way I could navigate about this year. I am glad to be living away from it and will probably keep my visits to the warmer less difficult to maneuver about in months, like May through October.


Alexandra said...

Oh, I don't know, I really miss the snow in State College. Baltimore is just so blah without that funny white stuff. Btw, can you send me pics from my mom's party? I'd really appreciate it!

Terry Grant said...

Emily's in-laws arrived from Ecuador the day before the snow started. They had never seen snow and were so thrilled--and cold! Three weeks later the thrill is gone and they are ready to head back to the equator on Friday and have vowed never to come in December again. I don't think they really believe me when I tell them this is the worst we've ever seen it in Portland.