Monday, February 15, 2010

Still the Weather

This blog was never intended to be just about the weather. But, the weather of this winter has made it so. Today started with beautiful clear blue skies. Now, wispy white clouds are being taken over by gray ones. There is another front coming through and it promises to drop even more snow on us. I have always like snow in DECEMBER and hated it in January. I want you to know that no matter how beautiful some days are to see I despise snow in February when crocus are supposed to be poking their heads through the cold ground. That is not here in Delaware. Not this year anyway.

This season's storms have brought this region to an almost standstill. Schools have not been in session over a week. And, the week prior to that many schools were closed two days and most had early dismissals. Businesses were closed and folks have developed extreme cases of Cabin Fever. We have not had trash collection for two weeks. Today the neighborhood garbage cans poised for pick-up. I wonder when and if it will happen. Hurray!!! The trash collectors just made a pass down our street. YES!! Some normalcy is returning.

I am posting some pictures I took from last Wednesday (Feb 10) through yester (Feb 14). You can see some of what we have observed. (click on pictures for larger view)

Birds congregating on neighbor's dormer.  On this day (2/10) it was the favored meeting place.


Above, the snow just kept coming and the wind seemed never to stop.  The picture of the lamppost  was taken just after the driveway had been cleared.  The drifted snow is of the driveway not long afterward.  The photo to left is of the wreath bow on the bront door.

Cold little bluebird seeking some sunlight.

 Turning his back to the wind.  These pics taken through paned window screen.

And, then yesterday, there was a heron in the half-frozen pond.

    Here's to brighter, warmer winter days.


Terry Grant said...

Well, you have gotten a pounding this winter! Kind of like our last winter. By contrast our winter has been so mild it is a bit alarming, though undeniably a pleasant respite after last year. Maybe you are in for a mild winter next year. As always, your pictures are beautiful. Especially the heron.

June said...

I love the way the sun picks out the birds and their colors. Terrific photos -- also the street light.

Sorry about the snow. But tomorrow is March, so the world is turning, for sure. I promise! And I won't tell you what Portland is like right now. That would be sadistic.