Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold Sunday in Delaware

Yesterday (today, too) was a wonderfully clear day. But, it has been really cold for here. It's the wind coming off of the ocean that makes it so. Of course, it is not the bitter cold of southeastern Idaho but it is still cold. The photo above shows Bill and Bentley heading off toward the the beach. They opted not go all the way over the dune.

This stop on our short outing was at Broadkill Beach. Bundled up against the cold, Bent was ready to check out the surroundings.

We occasionally drive up and/or down the road lining Broadkill Beach. This time of year there are just a few year-round folks in the houses that totally line the road. There are all types of houses: large (too large) and opulent, small and utilitarian, not so large and lovely, and the unique. This house is at the southern end of the beach road and is a seasonal rental. With the beach at its front and the Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge at its rear it seems perfectly placed but also out of place. I love seeing the beach. I don't love the wall-to-wall human habitation of the beach.

The various grasses and cattails bend in the cold wind blowing across Prime Hook.

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Alexandra said...

That picture of Bentley totally made my day (and I still have a good few hours to put in!). You should however submit the last wheat picture in a contest. It is beautiful.

Btw, how is the finger?