Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First Weekend of 2008 and Then Some

Early last week it was very cold but with all the tasks like getting the Christmas stuff put away for another year there was little reason to go outside. It was pretty but cold. The weekend was another story. Besides being lovely, the temperature was very comfortable and continues today (supposed to be in high 60's). We took advantage of the lovely weather on Sunday and headed off to the beach. Like I have said time and again in this blog, any day at the beach is a wonderful day for Bill.

Here are some photos I took on Sunday while we enjoyed our time outside.

The sky was sometimes a little hazy but the temperature was very comfortable. Here you can see lots of people enjoying Rehoboth Beach.

Local resident.

Local resident's footprints.

Some of the wave action.

Bentley and Bill taking a stroll.

A view of Lewes Harbor just before sunset.

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Alexandra said...

You could use that footprint pic as a postcard - it is lovely!