Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Residents

Our new residents, I am not sure what type, have really set up home now. I told Bill earlier that I think the bird is pretty small but it certainly has a loud song in the afternoon. In fact, it sounds almost as if it is in the entryway. Besides, the reconfiguration of the wreath and the mud on the door, every day there are little berries left on the porch. When Bill got home this afternoon he swept them and then got the ladder out to check inside the nest again. This time he discovered three blue eggs.

Oh my, I guess it will stay for the time being.


Terry Grant said...

Those eggs are so beautiful! They don't even look real. We have three baby robins in the nest on our front porch. Hungry little guys. If we make any noise, like opening the door, their heads pop up and they are squawking for something to eat. I have found it so fascinating to watch.

Alexandra said...

What a beautiful, calming color. I can't wait to see pictures of the babies when they hatch.