Friday, June 19, 2009

Cloudy Days

This spring has been a rainy one. We have had a few sunny days but mostly the days have been overcast. It always takes me off guard when I look outside, the gray clouds are rolling by and the wind is blowing. Then when I step outside and realize it is quite warm. Right now it looks like I should put a windbreaker on to do some errands. The fact is, I will more comfortable in a sleeveless top. Will I ever get used to this?

There are times during most days when I gaze out and see some special moments in the sky. Yesterday, just before dusk, the clouds to the northeast were beautiful. It was a rather pastel sky with light blues and pinks trying to color the clouds. The above photo is a little later on but it does show how lovely the sky was.

Summer is officially here on Sunday and the projected forecasts are for clearer days next week. That will be nice. Even I, the one who does like really warm days, would like a little of the sunshine of summer. The vegetable and fruit stands are opening up, I can hardly wait for local tomatoes and sweet corn.

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