Saturday, June 06, 2009

Different Kind of Weekend

Last weekend was very nice. Our daughter and her family visited. It was a beach weekend for them. Bill is always ready for that. It was especially nice because we got time with our grandson who is growing so rapidly. We even got a little babysitting time.

This weekend is very quiet. It is overcast today, at least it is not raining. There was enough of that during the week. I am glad it is not really nice outside because we would be tempted to go out and explore places. The problem is that Bill had radiation treatment this week. He is a little "hot" until Monday afternoon. As a result, he is confined to the house. He can go out and walk the dog. He is not to have direct contact with other folks until Monday. I was tempted to frame a photo of him with a yellow-orange edge but then thought better of it. The radiation is the step before he starts taking thyroid again. He had a thyroidectomy in early April. A very large tumor on one lobe was malignant. The prognosis is excellent. For this we are very grateful. Be that as it may be, it is still a bit nerve racking.

This curve ball has been just that, a strike. We will adjust our stance and hit the next out of the park.


Terry Grant said...

Ohmygosh. Thinking good thoughts for Bill. It sounds like a good outcome, but one of those awful, worrisome things. Radiation does not sound pleasant either. I'm not even tempted to make a joke about him glowing in the dark! Take care, you guys!!

PS what a sweet picture of Bill reading to Jacob!

Alexandra said...

Thinking about you both as you navigate this turn of events. Hugs!