Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beyond the Panes

A few days before Thanksgiving I was looking at some pictures I had taken earlier in the fall. This one was there and I wondered how I had passed over it in other viewings. It's a little off kilter and not particularly pretty but for some reason I like this picture. It is the window that is part of the George Washington pew of Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. We were visiting there with our dear friends Terry and Ray from Oregon. The day was very warm and most of my other photos are of our being on the grounds outside the main building.

So, why am I so drawn to the window? Initially, I wondered about the history it saw from both sides. Then there is something about its humbleness. I try to imagine it being a little darker outside and candlelight reflecting through the panes. I am glad I found this picture. I like reflecting on it.

Thanksgiving weekend and the days that followed were traumatic one for me and my family and friends. I am doing well now and am hoping that the good Christmas elves will visit and help me get the decorations out and up and whatever.

When that is done, I going to start looking for other windows.


Alexandra said...

I love windows too. I have taken numerous pictures of them throughout our travels. There is something about windows that frames the perfect shot and that acts as a bond between you and every other person who looked out the window.

I've been thinking about you a lot and hope that things are getting better. I posted pics of Jake's party on the blog btw. Hugs!

Terry Grant said...

I love that picture--maybe partly because I know I was standing right beside you when you took it! It does have that mystique of knowing that George Washington looked through that window. What did he see? The future?

Susan LT said...

Evocative picture. Lovely words. Thank you.