Thursday, December 31, 2009

Images from Some Bright December Days

Just for fun, here are some pictures taken on a few different outings over the holiday period. The first is special because it is of sunset on the Winter Soltice.

The next was a quick shot of a jet contrail as we waited our turn at the car wash on Christmas Eve. We often see contrail along the coastline but not as often across the east-west sky. Besides, it also shows how clear the day was.

The several photos that follow are of this season's version of snow geese. Last Sunday morning I was amazed at the shadows being cast through the house as V and V of honking geese flew overhead. In the early afternoon, we ventured out to Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge where we came upon hundreds of birds. What was different this year was that they were on the opposite side of the road than where they were last year. This is also early in the season so that will surely change.

Below is a view of the other side of the road. It is usually much clearer than it was on this day.

The next two photos were taken on Monday. The area is a field a very short distance from where we live. These farm areas are preferred feeding areas for the geese much to the chagrin of the farmers.

And, now, to the elusive heron. The pond has been very overrun with algae this year and we have seen little of the heron(s). The heavy rains, snow and cold weather have cleared the coves and this guy has returned. No matter what, it is a game trying to get a picture. These are of the heron in a tree as he flew the road just as I was pulling up to see if he were to be seen. At least on this outing I got an image however unclear. I will keep trying.

More outings to come in 2010.


June said...

These are grand photos, Carla, particularly the ones of the geese. And the soltice, too. I'm slow at getting to your blog, but it works its way up through the pile and I'm always glad when I get here.

Michelle said...

Great pics. WOW- so many geese! The farmers might not be happy but Hey, free fertilizer :0)LOL