Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Distractions for the Tasks at Hand

It is really hard to keep on task when I look up and have the moon just shining in on me. This is especially true when the moon comes out around 5:00 p.m. I went out to the back steps to take this picture. I had a hard time staying still but if you notice the jiggly on the right side of the moon you might be able to see that it is an airplane crossing just as I was opening the shutter.
The new year is starting on a quiet note but not unlike so many new years past. We have devoted the larger portion of today and some of yesterday taking down the Christmas decorations, repacking them and putting them away safely until the next time they bring smiles and warm our hearts. We will bring them up starting around the December 1.
Tomorrow we will take the tree to Cape Henlopen where there is a conservation project going on to help with shore and beach erosion. It is a good way to dispose of the tree and it will give us an excellent excuse to spend some time at the beach. With the warm temperatures we have been having it should be quite comfortable.
Every year for the past few years we have purchased several poinsettias to place on my garden cart. We have tried numerous colors and combinations, purchasing seven or eight plants each year. This year when we went on the quest for the plants, I was quite interested in a hanging plant(s) and after thinking some on it decided to purchase the arrangement. I could clip out the hangers and put the ot on the garden cart. Not only was it less expensive but it would fill the cart better. We have been so pleased with the pot which holds several plants, at least seven, that we have decided to do the same next year. The single pot and its contents filled the cart beautifully.
Here is the arrangement today. It does look a bit tired but is still quite lovely. It will stay for a while now to remind us of the good holidays. However, all the other decorations are in their place and ready for their assignments next year.

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Alexandra said...

What fun! The poinsettas look lovely. That is the only thing that I miss with the cats - no poinsettas because they are poisonous to felines. Ah well!

I love the tree disposal plans too. We are lucky that here in State College they recycle the trees. I wonder if they do that in the DC area too? Hmm.