Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chilly Week

This past week we did a few things like go to the beach and then go to Baltimore and then go to Georgetown and then go to the beach. Not too exciting but we did manage to learn a little more of the area with each excursion. The pictures today do not show any lighthouses but show some of the chilly spots we saw in travels.

We were on our way to Cape Henlopen when we came across this field of white birds. Since I am not a birder I do not know what they are. This was the second or third such field. There are hundreds of birds here. This picture was taken from the car window as are so many of the pictures we take.

I looked to my right. Bill was driving and I saw these birds in flight. It was pretty amazing. I only wish that the picture had been more in focus.

We went to Cape Henlopen to check out the snow if any on the beach. Here you can see that there was of snow on the beach and that it was very cold. This particular day the temperature was around 17 degrees. This picture shows a very cold and lonely sea.
I love to take pictures of the sand. This is of the sand and snow. Pretty cool if you ask me.
Here we have a cutter trying to make it way past the breakwater.
We call this "Lonely Duty."
We went to Baltimore on Thursday. The Bay was icy as can be seen by theses pictures. We also got lost on our way home. We decided to take the northern route and when we decided that we were headed to New Jersey we asked for directions.
More of the icy Chesapeake.
Geese at Wagamons Pond.
These geese were objects of my camera today. Wagamons Pond is the area where we live. Every day there is something different at the pond. Today it was geese.
Lots of geese.
Here I am waiting patiently for the heron to appear.
Geese in flight.
Here is the heron I waited for 20 minutes to get a picture. How out of focus could I be?!! Note the other wildlife the mallard ducks in the upper right hand quadrant.

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