Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bill's Birthday = Some Time Away

Bill's birthday was last week and to celebrate we took a few days and headed northeast to Cape Cod. There we spent a wonderful time with our dear friends Robin and Dave at their home in Orleans.

Those who know me only a little know that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON so I rarely catch a sunrise. I caught a lovely one on this trip. We started out early in the morning and saw lovely sights of Spring as well as mist still hanging on the ponds as in the above photo. For mile upon mile from here to about Smyrna we caught the sun as it peeked through the trees before it was shining brightly the rest of the day.

The sun shined on bridges, water and land. Trees were greening all along the way. Daffodils were everywhere and tulips were starting. Besides being a beautiful day, the traffic on the turnpikes and highways was not horrendous. All of this made for a very pleasant arrival at Cape Cod Bay.

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