Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Break in the Action

Last weekend we were delighted to have Erica and Geoff's friends John, Alexandra and Katrina visit for the weekend. It was their first trip to "our neck of the woods" so, of course, the beach was on the agenda. It was chilly and a bit windy but nice. We also went to the Goshen UM Chicken-'n-Dumpling Dinner and mostly just sat back and enjoyed the the quiet.

We went to Cape Henolopen State Park. I like the beach better there than almost anywhere we have found in this area. Here are some photos taken of our beach excursion.

Katrina was not so sure about the whole thing. This was her first trip to the ocean and with the roar of waves and the biting wind she needed momentary reassurance from Mom.

Bill and Bentley strolling along the water's edge.

Heading toward the boardwalk.

Alexandra enjoying some sun and taking pictures.

Kiki pointing at the waves.

This is better now.

Part of the boardwalk blocked off.

Alexandra and Katrina enjoying a big hug.

John gathering it all in.

Beach from the boardwalk.

More beach from the boardwalk.

Kiki, with Dad's help, taking Mom's picture.


Alexandra said...

Those are some wonderful pictures! Thanks again for having us - Katrina still talks about "waves crashing!" and "big ocean!" I think it left quite an impression! :)

John said...

We were really glad we could make it up there! Thanks again...