Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day One of Cape Cod Viewing

Our first night visiting Cape Cod we had a great meal at a local restaurant to celebrate Bill's birthday. He just loves that stuff. The next morning we first went to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. We spent a lot of time checking all of the exhibits and watching the osprey that the museum takes particular pride in. Check out the museum link above and then click on the Osprey cam to see how the pair are coming along. The viewing area was some distance away. Even with my telephoto it was hard to get a crisp view. Here is a collage of female sitting and the male flying in to the nest.

Then we headed off to Hyannis where we visited the John F. Kennedy Memorial, drove around and about so we could see the Kennedy Compound and then we stopped at the JFK Museum. Since it was getting late in the afternoon we did not go into the museum but walked around the area and viewed the statue of JFK there. The statue is lovely and an excellent representation of him and his love of the area. I can see why he and his family spent so much time there.

We stopped at a Hyannis shopping center and went to the Christmas Tree Store where we enjoyed a few bargains (placemats, sprinkler, tablecloth, etc.). And, then it was on to Trader Joe's. This was the first visit to TJ's since we left Tacoma. They are such fun stores to shop.

It was then time to head back to Orleans for a lovely dinner, conversation and a beautiful sunset on the bay.

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Alexandra said...

That ocean is so beautiful and blue! Happy belated birthday Bill!