Friday, May 02, 2008

Facing the Sea

As one who is drawn to those things representative of real and strong women, I was most taken by the above when we visited Provincetown last month. The photos for this are placed on Cabral Pier or "Fisherman's Wharf" in Provincetown. The collective piece is called "They Also Faced the Sea." It represents the generations of Portuguese woman who have been the family and community strength as their men were at sea. Rightfully so, the Norma Holt photos in collaboration with Ewa Nogiec, have been hanging on th walls of an old fish packing plant on the pier since 2003.

What at beautiful reminder of the character and strength of our mothers and sisters whether or not they were Portuguese. That character and strength to "face the sea" or the "mountain" or the "plains" is their legacy for us to cherish and bequeath to our sons and daughters.


Terry Grant said...

Gosh, that is beautiful. Haunting, really.

Anonymous said...

Great picture! What a complex idea! Love it, Anca.