Monday, June 02, 2008


In my last post I mentioned Gary and Kathleen's upcoming 40th anniversary. My sister Carol and her husband Tim are also celebrating their 40th this week. In fact their anniversary was Sunday. 1968 was, as has been stated in the news, both printed and televised, a landmark year for tragedy and accomplishment. It was the probably the defining year of a generation. It is, I believe, an accomplishment extraordinaire to have a successful marriage emerge from those turbulent times.

So, this rather short post is to simply congratulate them on 40 years together and to wish them all of the best for a continued happy life together.

We love them all.

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Alexandra said...

Its good to catch up with all of you. Glad to hear that you guys have been out and about and that Erica and Geoff were able to spend a weekend with the two of you.