Monday, June 23, 2008

Out With the Old

The weekend came and the poor maple had to be removed. We got a new maple to replace it but it seems so small compared to the four year old one that was victim to the storms. Taking the old storm damaged tree out was a much harder task than we had imagined. Perhaps it is because we were looking through rose colored glasses or maybe because we imagine ourselves to be much younger than we are. So the story begins on Friday evening when we went out to select a replacement. Well, we got it home and watered thoroughly for Bill to put it in the ground on Saturday. After spending several hours Saturday morning and early afternoon the stump was still firmly in the ground. It would now have to wait until Sunday because we were off the Delaware Blue-Gold game in Newark (more in a later post).

Sunday morning arrives and Bill is out trying to dislodge the stump. It does not help that we rid ourselves of many essential tools when we made the move across the country. As his labors were not producing much, we decided that we should soak the area. Duh!! We should have done that on Saturday. The stump started to yield and after hours of work there was a gaping hole that had to be filled in some before the new tree could be set.

The mission was accomplished. Now let's hope that lawn recovers and the new tree grows tall and strong.

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