Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From Pleasant to Stifling

Weather is always a favorite topic of conversation. It has been a favorite of mine in this blog. In the past few weeks I have posted that we have had some glorious days and that temperatures have been cool. Well, that was then and this is now. IT HOT! IT IS HUMID! IT IS HOT AND HUMID!! AND, THE A/C IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. Ok, said that. It has been very uncomfortable for the past four days. We have been in major heat advisories. I secretly wished this morning to be on Snoqualmie Pass where it was snowing.

A couple of projects have kept me busy the past week. They are finished now and it is time to move onto others. One of my favorite things to do here is to drive around the countryside and take pictures of the crops. I did a lot of that last year and so far this year with the price of gas I have not ventured out as much. But, I did manage to capture some grain (one corn) shots while on a couple errand trips.

This picture, taken yesterday, shows a ripening crop. I was particularly drawn to this field because of the differences in the colors of the field. You can almost tell by the haze that it was a very hot morning (9:10 a.m.). It is good to know that the field stood well against a very strong storm that passed through last week.

This is a different angle on the same field but taken six days earlier. The grain was just starting to show signs of ripening and had stood up well to some drenching rains.

The corn is coming right along. This picture was taken last week. The corn is quite a bit higher and quite a bit fuller this week.

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Alexandra said...

What beautiful pictures! Making my mouth water - I can't wait for the corn to come in.