Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Much Happening Here

Life here has been pretty quiet the past few weeks. It has been as many say, LSD (Lower, Slower Delaware). Sunday was Father's Day and Erica came over on Saturday so she could fix her dad a special breakfast. Of course, Bill really took it all in and gushed about the pancakes which were from a recipe she got while on vacation earlier this year in the California Wine Country. Another highlight of the morning was when we saw a young beaver scamper, or whatever beaver do, across the backyard and into the adjoining field. That was a first!

We have experienced a few severe thunderstorms recently. This poor maple in the front yard was the victim of a wind shear about ten days ago. We thought we might be able to save it but then on Monday a similar gust caught it. We will probably take it out and replace it this weekend.

I had reason to be out and about yesterday and got a couple of pictures of the progress of some of the local crops. Here is the same grain field as in the last post but one week later. I love how the color changes.

This photo is of the same corn field as in the last post. It is amazing to me how fast the corn grows once it takes root.

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Alexandra said...

We had pancakes too - yum! I love the crop pictures Carla.