Monday, November 10, 2008

Resting Today

The past few weeks have been very busy ones for us. Today, I am mostly doing nothing before I get everyday things done that have been pushed aside for the past few weeks. Lord, what happened to the energy of days past?

For some reason, probably traditions developed over harvesttime, there a tons of activities planned by almost every civic group in Delaware and Maryland during October. Bill and I belong to the Milton Lions Club and it seems like there is no time to breathe once October 1 arrives until November 1.

We had commitments with Lions and I was fitted with a new brace which required several trips to Salisbury, Maryland during the past month. We went to Arlington one weekend for Erica's band concert. The following weekend we went to Philadelphia to visit an old friend Blackfoot, Idaho. She opened her home and provided a quiet lovely time. Then, this past weekend we went to Arlington for a baby shower for Erica and Geoff. This was a major event and I had a project that had to get done as well as finishing some items I made for the baby. The shower was great fun. Our thanks to Anca, Alexandra, John and Kiki for all that the did. It was wonderful and beyond expectations.

Erica and Geoff had breakfast for Geoff's parents and us on Saturday morning. Geoff took his parents to a museum, Erica took Bill off on errands and I finished my shower project. Yesterday, Erica, Geoff, Geoff's parents, Bill and I had a brunch in Palisades area of D.C. From there, his parents headed back to NYC and Bill and I went to get Bentley before heading back to Delaware.

Now, I am wondering just when the baby will arrive. I am thinking, sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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Terry Grant said...

Oh, I think he/she is going to wait for your birthday! Well, really I hope baby comes when baby is ready and all goes smoothly. We'll be thinking about all of you for the next few weeks!