Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mac 'n Cheese

The long weekend is starting to wind down and I hope that you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet, just Bill and me. I sometimes miss the huge family dinners we would sometimes enjoy when I was a kid and then there are times that I am happy for the solitude. This year was quiet because we are all eagerly awaiting arrival the baby, sometime in the next few days now.

In the time we have been in Delaware we have come across what is to us an oddity, macaroni and cheese served very frequently and always as a side dish. At first I thought it the potluck nature of a couple of events we attended and then we noticed it showing up at buffet dinners we were attending. After a while we started noticing it with great frequency on restaurant menus not as a main dish but as a side dish.

My history is one where mac 'n cheese is a main dish. It has always been a family favorite and has been elevated to a "special dinner" status. It is always fun and, of course, very fattening. We serve it with salad and a beverage.

That's not the case when we go to other places here in Delaware. For example, it is most often the case to have turkey or chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac 'n cheese, corn, a sweet potato dish, rolls, and dessert. Often, there is a dish of canned peas and dumplings. These are a thin, almost clear, noodle like concoctions that are smaller but resemble won tons. So many of the dishes served here are traditional. But, I sure would like to know how the tradition of so many starches came to be. It kind of takes that joy out mac 'n cheese.

The good thing for me is that Bill does not request macaroni and cheese as often as he did. But, there are times that hot, sticky dish can't be beat.


Terry Grant said...

I love "Top Chef" on Bravo and this last week had them making Thanksgiving dinners. One team had Mac n cheese on their menu along with the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. I thought that was so odd, but maybe somebody is from Delaware! Like you, if we have it at all it is the main dish with a salad. My favorite part is the crusty edges that stick to the baking dish! Canned peas and dumplings sounds rather disgusting. I'll pass.

Alexandra said...

Happy Thanksgiving Carla and Bill. The mac and cheese makes me hungry...hmmm, melted cheese. I think the side dish might be a New England thing - we saw that kind of thing in PA all the time; its a meat and potatoes/starch kind of thing.