Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cape Cod

Last Tuesday we drove from Delaware to Cape Cod to visit our dear friends Robin and Dave. They retired to the Cape last year and this was first time we have seen them in a couple of years. Robin is recovering well from emergency surgery right before Thanksgiving and it was so good to see them.

On Thursday we spent a wonderful day visiting light houses on the Cape. It was a brisk day to say the least but was still very interesting and fun. Here are some pictures of those lights. Be sure to check the links to learn more about the houses.

Chatham Lighthouse

Nauset Lighthouse

Three Sisters in the Woods

Race Point Light

After viewing the lighthouses we went into Provincetown and had lunch. Provincetown is a very interesting place to visit. I hope to spend more time there at another time. The next picture is a funky downtown Christmast decoration found in Provincetown. This was created using lobster traps.

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Terry Grant said...

I love these pictures. The Eastern lighthouses are very distinctive. They don't look like Oregon Lighthouses.