Monday, December 25, 2006

A Quiet Christmas

It is a rather gray day today. The wind is blowing a little and it is raining. We had planned to go to the beach but have decided to stay in and stay warm by the fire. Perhaps we will read a book or two, play a game or two, watch a movie or two or simply think about all of our blessings through the glow of the candles.

We are spending this, our first Christmas in Delaware, by ourselves. Yet, we have spent time today with family and friends through the telephone and email. It is not the same as being there but it is still good anyway. Erica and Geoff will join us next weekend.

This Christmas is the first without my mother. I thought yesterday how much I miss talking with her every Sunday on the telephone. I could almost recite verbatim what she would say in those conversations but they were still so special to me. I know that she and Dad are watching over all of us this holiday and that they are happy that we have all gone on to become the good people they raised us to be. I know that we are all pretty old ourselves but I remember Mom telling me once that she thought that she worried about us as much if not more once we turned 50. She would go on about how she wished that Connie would not work so hard, that Carol would not worry so much, and that Jack would always be just Jack. Lord only knows what she would wish for me. You know, it kinda makes you feel all warm inside knowing that someone really does or really did care that much about you.

What a wonderful gift we have all been given -- family and friends.

Merry Christmas!

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