Friday, March 23, 2007

addendum: Another Day, Another Deployment

It the last post I covered our loved ones in the Army and left out our Navy member. My niece Stacy is a member of the US Naval Reserves and has been for several years. Before that she was an active duty sailor and served in the Persian Gulf during that conflict. Stacy is a "spit fire." She was tiny little girl and she is not much bigger now. She was and is very agile and athletic; a fine gymnast, volleyball player, BMX rider, skier and golfer. And, she has a mind of her own.

When this war started Stacy was a single mother. It looked for sometime that she would be deployed. It was a difficult time. How could she leave her son for a long period? I remember my mom's worry about her and about my nephew and niece's husband. We all worried about them.

Stacy, thankfully, has not been deployed for long periods during this war. She has since remarried and is enjoying life with her two sons and husband in their new home.

Like the others, I am so proud of her, her service and who she has become.

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Alexandra said...

Thanks for adding more faces to the war effort. It really deepens my feelings about the war. Katrina's daycare provider's husband will be shipped to Iraq in August for his second tour of duty, leaving behind a young daughter. It makes my skin crawl. I think too many of us don't have that direct connection.