Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just Strollin' Through

Sometimes I am able to post some very good pictures on this site and other times they are not so good but truly represent what I am trying to convey. Today, I must post a picture or two of a visitor. This fellow has been roaming through the neighborhood most of the morning and because he is usually too far away, it is snowing steadily and I am trying to focus the camera through two panes of glass and a black window screen the images are not as sharp as they should be.

Our visitor, a red fox seems to be stalking local rodents. As he is ready to pounce his tail fluffs up very much so. It has been pretty fun watching him off and on this morning. I have only seen red fox in zoos or running across the highway in southwestern Montana. This fellow keeps coming back to a patch of trees in the adjacent lot and then trots on through our yard. Maybe it is because it is snowing that he is spending so much time here. Whatever, I am going to go now and see if I get a better picture.


Terry Grant said...

I actually think your pictures are pretty good--love the bottom one. How cool to see a red fox right in your yard. All we get are squirrels and the occasional raccoon! We did see a coyote wandering down the side of a pretty busy neighborhood street here in Portland a couple of months ago, which was pretty amazing. We both saw it and both recognized it as a coyote, so I'm quite certain it wasn't just a mangy looking dog!

Alexandra said...

What fun pictures! I am glad that you are getting such neat visitors!