Monday, March 12, 2007

Clouds, Water and Birds

Wind beneath his wings.
From the day we started on our trek east I have been almost mesmerized by clouds that have appeared along the way. It intrigues me so that the landscape seems to change with the clouds and light that shines through, reflects off of, or just fills the voids. The clouds when we were travelling through the mountains were strong and almost bold. The storm clouds are always ominous and foreboding. The clouds over the ocean tell a story of the day.

One day last week we went over to Cape Henlopen State Park and walked the length of the fishing pier. This was the first day in several weeks that the temperature was warm enough to venture a bit without a hat and gloves. It was warmer but the wind was blowing very strongly. Since I had my camera with me I took some pictures of what was really interesting to me on that day -- clouds.

I have also become very fascinated but the changes in the water and sand with the temperature, wind and sunlight. Here are some pictures taken the same day from the pier featuring clouds and/or water. And, my longtime favorite but ever elusive, birds.

From the pier Birds, water, light clouds & lighthouses Churning Water

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