Monday, April 16, 2007


Today is Bill's birthday. We do not have much of anything planned. In fact, when we went out yesterday it was with b-day in mind but the weather sorta drove us back home before the requisite items were secured.

The past year has been a big one for both of us but most especially for him. Some how he manages to get through it all while contending with me. For that he should be immortalized.

I have posted this picture before and am again because it captures Bill doing what he likes best -- being at the ocean. He loves the water and he is at peace when he is there. It is a characteristic he passed onto his daughter.

Through all of our struggles, happy times and just everyday times Bill is always steady. He offers unconditional love. He is always there. I am very blessed to be his spouse. Yes, even when his klutzy ways drive me crazy. Happy Birthday, Bill!! I love you.


Terry Grant said...

Bill, Klutzy?? Naaaaa! It's just that his talents are more cerebral than physical. Happy birthday to a great guy!

Alexandra said...

Happy birthday Bill! Many happy returns to the day and for the whole year ahead, from all of us!