Friday, April 20, 2007

Have a Brat for Us

Sometimes I think that I lead a pretty solitary life and I do. But, I have been blessed with friends and family who fill my being to its very corners. Our friends, the Johnsons, are such people. Sandy, Pete, Claire and Christian have birthdays starting the last week of March, or thereabout, and go through the second week of May. Sandy and Pete also have a wedding anniversary during that period and my Bill has his birthday. So, for several years we would get together during that period and have brats and burgers in honor of the occasions. It was a great time especially for the guys.

Bill, Pete, Christian, Frankie and Geoff

Sandy is what I call "Super Mom," even though her craft skills are lacking sometimes lacking. She can whip up a meal, a batch of cookies, a decadent dessert or an outrageous rum cake in the early evening after spending her morning driving for Meal on Wheels and spending her afternoon volunteering at the school. She is dedicated to missions and mission work in Africa. She and another friend created a successful after school project for the local elementary school. She is very active in her church and book club. She is devoted to her family. And, she works at a regular job. She loves to shop and to travel. She is a wonderful friend.

Claire and Sandy

Pete is steady and one of the most unassuming people I have ever met. He is great with the kids. He coaches their sports teams, he takes them hiking, skiing, camping and other great adventures. Pete starts camping as soon as the campgrounds open and he camps until they close. But, a Bubba he is NOT. He is as dedicated as Sandy to missions and mission work in Africa. He smiles with the most sparkling eyes when he talks about his trips trips there and building houses and schools.

Together Sandy and Pete are a wonderful pair. They love to venture out and enjoy the world around them. Have I said that they LOVE to travel? Whether it is to Priest Lake for a few days or somewhere across country or better yet somewhere out of country, they both are ready to go at the drop of a hat. What a gift they have given each other and to their children -- also their friends and family.

Christian always hamming

Claire being reflective?

It has been so fun watching these two grow from little "pip squeaks" to the bright and fun young people they are today.

We sure miss those times when we shared a brat and those times we shared at Christmastime. The pictures in this post are from our last time we all gathered before Bill and I moved from Spokane. Geoff and Erica were with us as were Pete's parents. (Sandy, Pete, Claire and Christian just returned from a trip to England and Spain. In England they celebrated Jim and Betty's {Pete's parents} 50th wedding anniversary).

Sandy, Christian, Pete, Claire, Betty and Jim

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