Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nor' Easter with a Surprise

Today has been a very dreary day. We have had storm warnings all day and it has rained most of the day with strong gusts of wind every now and then. We have been waiting for the storm for a few days now and it has come from the south and from the west but it changed it colors and as it headed east the winds changed and are now from the northeast. Or, at least that what the weather folks tell us. We have gotten a lot of rain but I think those to the south and northeast of us are getting hit harder. It has been the type of day when you know should just stay tucked in and not venture out much but that doesn't seem like the fun thing to do. So, we headed over to Lewes and the beach and found a whole lot of other people doing the same thing. The water was not as churning as we have seen other times. The temperature is a little warmer than it has been the last couple of weeks. The most distinguishing thing is that it is a very, very gray day.
Yet, though all of the gray of the day we saw something very amazing -- a white deer. While driving through Cape Henlopen State Park we saw deer grazing where we often see them and there with them was a white deer. We turned the car around for a better look and sure enough there it was -- not pure white but white nonetheless. Yes, there is something special in every day.

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